A Basic Income Handbook

Essentials of Basic Income

by Annie Miller ISBN: 978-0-9927233-7-8
Paperback booklet, 163 x 103 mm, 40 pages.
Published August 2019

Global interest in basic income (BI) has increased enormously in recent years, with the failure of many national social protection systems and the successful BI experiments in both India and Finland fuelling speculation as to its worldwide applicability. The concept remains deceptively simple, however, and difficult to define.

One aim of this booklet is to offer such a clarified definition, one which will enable these distinctions to be made.

A second aim of this booklet is to explore the implications of this more academic definition of the generic basic income.

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This website is maintained by Annie Miller, retired academic economist, and author of:

  • A Basic Income Handbook, (2017), £12.99, ISBN: 978-1-910745-78-6; and
  • A Basic Income Pocketbook, (forthcoming 2019), £7.99, ISBN: 978-1-912147-62-5

Both published by the Edinburgh-based Luath Press

The aim of this website is to provide some relatively simple information about Basic Income (BI) in a compact format for the general public in the UK.

A series of seven A5 briefing leaflets is available, each comprising two sides of A4, which, when printed back-to-back and folded, form an A5 leaflet.

Further information about basic income can be accessed via the following websites:

  • Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS), re BI in Scotland in Cbin.scot
  • Basic Income Scotland, re the feasibility of the Scottish Pilots in Basicincome.scot
  • Citizen's Basic Income Trust (CIT), for UK-wide basic income. in Citizensincome.org
  • Basic Income UK, a grassroots organisation in Basicincome.org.uk
  • Basic Income Earth Network, of national organisations in Basicincome.org